Benefits of pod vaping

The Vaping industry is a fast growing, ever evolving space, with many new brands, products and technologies hitting the market every single day. If you are just starting out with vaping, this can be overwhelming and confusing.

Where do you start? What do you purchase? What do you do?

Well, we have some of the answers for you right here! At Vapespot, we are pod based vaping experts, it really is our heart and soul. However, it wasn't always this way. Over the years we have tried and tested a number of different vaping products, brands and mechanisms. What we found was, we really prefer the experience of closed system vaping compared to open system vaping. The key difference between these two methods is that, open system vaping typically requires the user to fill the e-liquid into the devices tank, compared to a closed system (also known as a Pod System) where the pods are prefilled. We believe closed systems are the best delivery system on the market as they provide the added convenience of prefilled pods, which are ready to go whenever the mood strikes. No filling, mixing, or fiddling with coils, just a great flavour hit whenever you want it. We stand by that so much that we don't offer other products to our customers. Now that's commitment!

So why do we think pod based vaping is the best way to Vape?

It’s incredibly convenient

Unlike other methods of vaping, pod based vapes are very small.

So small they easily fit into a pocket, wallet or tiny micro handbag.
A JUUL or Myle device is about the same size as a USB stick in width and so can fit almost anywhere when you are on the go.

No more lugging around heavy chambers or getting through the day with bulging pockets. Pod based vapes are lightweight and incredibly discreet.

No mix no fuss

Pod based vapes use pre-filled pods manufactured by brands such as JUUL, Myle or RELX. These experts do all the dirty work for you, mixing the liquids, filling the pods, measuring the mixtures etc. Unlike more traditional styles of vapes you don't have to do a thing. Simply open a new pod, click it into place and away you go.

Precise delivery

The other great thing about pre-filled pods is, there is no guesswork. Each pod is precisely prefilled to ensure a consistent flavour, strength and mix every time. When using alternative vaping methods, the user is required to mix all liquid elements themselves. Leaving room for human error in consistency of strengths, flavours, and mixtures. This preciseness of delivery has other great benefits for managing your intake and flexibility to decreasing your nicotine strengths as you wish.

Easily change flavours in a flash

With so many flavours to choose from such as JUUL Virginia Tobacco, Plus Pods Iced Grape, RELX Cola and Myle Iced Watermelon it’s really easy to go from one flavour to the next in a matter of seconds. The pods fit easily into your wallet, pocket or bag allowing you to take one out and click the next one in as soon as you feel like switching it up.

Draw and throat hit

The last but certainly not least; top benefit to pod vaping would have to be the draw and throat hit. The brands that we stock here at Vapespot have some amazing tech offering a smooth draw and a throat hit that gets you right in the spot, we haven't seen a better vaping experience on the market.

We hope this article helps you understand the benefits of Pod based vaping a little more. If you have any questions our team would love to assist.