How to maintain your vape device

Your vaping device really is the workhorse of your pod-based system. Unlike prefilled pods which we dispose of once used, your device is retained and expected to deliver day in day out. Therefore, if you are looking to use vaping as a reliable lifestyle tool, it's essential to your journey that your device is running at 100%.

We sat down with some of our favourite brands to learn what they recommend when it comes to taking care of your vaping device. Below we have put their advice into 4 easy to follow steps:

Charge your device before the battery runs out completely

Just like your car, your device doesn't like running on empty. To maintain battery life over an extended period of time, it is recommended that you charge your vape well before the battery goes completely flat and avoid leaving it on charge for too long after it has finished charging. Most vapes will flash a green light to indicate it is fully charged. To ensure battery charging and operational safety, only use OEM chargers provided when purchasing your device. Using fast chargers and other devices such as USB ports on TV’s and other equipment is both a safety issue and can also damage your devices battery. It’s also important to always store your vape in a room temperature environment, as this will ensure your battery is in the best condition at all times.

Clean your vape device

We use our vapes multiple times a day, they sit in our pockets and handbags, we put them down on counters and bench tops. Not only is it important to ensure your vape is clean from a hygiene perspective, dust and dirt are also not ideal for your vapes electronic components. Although vapes are designed to mostly withstand these inevitable elements, it helps to clean your vape regularly to keep it in good condition. The easiest way to clean your vape is with rubbing alcohol and a dry paper towel. Gently clean the inside of your vape, where your pods sit and be sure to pay attention to any areas with built up dirt and dust.

Try not to drop your Vape

We know this one is obvious and not always easy, but where possible try to avoid it. Just like your phone, your vape may withstand being dropped on the ground, however this can cause weak areas or dislodge some of the electrical components if dropped hard enough. It is always best to pop your vape away in a safe place after use. And no, vapes are not swimming pool proof!

Use quality pods

Just like most electronic devices, you never quite get the same experience when you use low quality parts and accessories. Vaping devices are no exception to that rule. At Vapespot we offer high quality 100% authentic products which have been through stringent product development and testing to ensure they deliver the best quality experience to vapers. They also have strict quality control measures in place to ensure any pod that goes out into the world performs at its best.